Reliable Agricultural Pest Control

If you're a farmer, then you know how damaging pests can be to your livelihood. An infestation can jeopardize your business and property if not treated.

Luckily, the professional pest control services of Pest-Rite LLC Termite and Pest Control can prevent such disasters. Our commercial rodent and fly control services will ensure your farm is protected year-round so that you can properly prepare for your next harvest.

Pest control for the following:

  • Agricultural flies
  • Agricultural rodents

Expert pest inspection services

Because agricultural infestations occur outside, they may not be as visible as an indoor infestation. That's why Pest-Rite LLC Termite and Pest Control provides expert analyses and thorough inspections to identify evidence of an infestation. Prevent a future infestation by calling today!

Organic pest control treatments

All pest control treatments are organic, so you can depend upon them to preserve the health of your farm. Stop damaging your farm with harmful pesticides and turn over a new leaf with our organic treatments!

Reasonably priced commercial pest control contracts

Take advantage of our commercial contracts today to protect your farm from damage-year round! Bi-annual, quarterly, monthly, or as-needed services are all backed by a guarantee!

Multi-services provide you with the best value, as they come with our 30 day guarantee to protect your farm each season. However, if your pests are only active one or twice a year, then our bi-annual or monthly services may be a better fit for you.

And if you need prompt service, then be sure to utilize our weekend emergency services - call 717-384-8210 to schedule our next visit to your outdoor property.