Experienced Ant Control Services

At first glance, ants may seem like a minor nuisance. After all, they seem to only be attracted to your leftover crumbs or food. However, ants can pose a serious risk to your home's property, and even your health.

For example, carpenter ants can destroy your property and cost tens of thousands of dollars in damage just by tunneling through your structure's wood. And Pharaoh ants can transmit serious diseases to pets, children, and adults alike. So don't delay - contact the pest professionals with 25 years of experience today!

Eco-friendly, organic pest treatments

Stop ants in their tracks now before they become a nuisance! Even spotting just one or two ants could indicate a possible infestation or hive. Our professionals will use organic, non-toxic products to remove these pests without causing any harm.

Dependable quarterly ant control services

Preventing ants from invading your house is a process, not a one-time treatment. At Pest-Rite LLC Termite and Pest Control, quarterly service is strongly recommended to ensure complete protection. Your home will be protected for 90 days, until the next service.