Residential and Commercial Pest Control Services

With 25 years of experience, Pest-Rite Termite and Pest Control is your rodent, pest, and termite control. Stop these problem pests from invading your home or business today!

We'll provide your property with effective perimeter pest control techniques, including quarterly, bi-annual, and yearly services to prevent recurring infestations. Even better, pest control service will still be available if no recurring services are needed, including convenient evening, early morning, and emergency weekend appointments. 

Thorough pest control for the following:

  • Biting pests

  • Cockroaches

  • Rodents

  • Fleas and ticks

Guaranteed pest control services

All pest control services are confidently guaranteed! You'll receive a 90 day guarantee for quarterly services to control carpenter ants, and you'll deal with our owner for each and every one of your jobs.

Affordable pest control services

The pest control services at Pest-Rite Termite and Pest Control are always affordable, and we promise to only give you the services you actually need. Choose from the following service plans below to get started today!


Treat your home's basement, first floor window frames, downspouts, light fixtures, mailbox, and house number with a long-lasting insecticide for guaranteed pest prevention. With this service, insecticide barriers are sprayed 3 feet up to your foundation's exterior, and three feet away, to include your flowers and shrubs.


You'll get the same treatments as the standard plan, but this time the insecticide barrier is extended up to 20 feet away. This helps keep your kids and pets safe in your front and backyard, while also preventing flea and tick infestations. This treatment plan is perfect for weddings and outdoor activities!


Includes all of the treatments above, plus long-lasting granule-based insecticide treatment, which is sprayed up to 50 feet away. This plan is ideal for rural houses, or homes that have already suffered from an infestation.