Effective Rodent Control Services

Control rodents at the source with Pest-Rite LLC Termite and Pest Control's thorough in-home inspections and property analyses. Take advantage of our 30 day guarantee on general pest control services and 90 day guarantee on quarterly services today to sweeten the deal.

You'll find our services to be more than reasonably priced, and you can even receive $25 OFF your new pest control contract when you sign up today.

Prevent rodents from transmitting diseases

Rodents are known to carry deadly diseases such as typhus, leptospirosis, trichinosis, and salmonellosis. Stop these debilitating conditions in their tracks today with our rodent control services. 

Control rats with organic compounds

At Pest-Rite LLC Termite and Pest Control, we use specifically designed rodenticides, traps, and organic killing compounds to ensure your property is completely mice and rat-free. Protect your family from toxic chemicals today!

Protect your family and home from rodents

You may think we're exaggerating when we say that rodents are one of the most destructive pests out there. If your property isn't being treated for rodents, you can easily rack up thousands of dollars in repairs.

hy are rodents so harmful for your home? When these pests consume their food, they have a high chance of dangerously contaminating it, which then spreads disease and sickness to your household.

Aside from transmitting diseases, rats and mice can also gnaw on your wires, wood, and insulation, which can lead to deadly hazards in the future.