Professional Termite Control Services

Aside from rodents, termites are often considered one of the most destructive pests out there. They can cause billions of dollars of damages to your homes and businesses and can even ruin your property's structure, which can pose a serious danger to its inhabitants.

Extreme cases of a termite infestation can even cause roofs and walls to collapse. That's why you need professional termite eradication service. Get results today from Pest-Rite LLC Termite and Pest Control, a locally owned and operated pest control company with 25 years' experience!

Valuable termite inspections

Termite inspections are often provided during a real estate inspection, since the presence of these insects can destroy a property's value or sale.

Always ensure a pest inspection is part of your condition of sale. A simple inspection can prove to be valuable, if your potential property is already infested!

Quality termite control treatments

Termites are actually capable of flight, though many aren't aware of this. The presence of flying termites indicates an established infestation that demands immediate inspection and treatment. Our high quality, organic treatments will eradicate these pests, guaranteed for 2 years!

Personalized pest control services

As an owner-operated business, you can expect personalized service, since you'll be dealing directly with our owner. In fact, our owner is present on every job site to ensure that your problem pests are being thoroughly destroyed.

You may be tempted to use a DIY termite removal kit, but we don't advise it. These kits cost money, but don't actually get rid of the problem. For affordable, professional termite removal, you need to get in touch with Pest-Rite LLC Termite and Pest Control!